Hi, I'm Aly.

I'm that red head on the internet. I don't know how to tumbl. www.youtube.com/goalybongo

No filte (at Nan Lian Garden 南蓮園池)
Took this photo seconds before falling backwards off the rock and slicing my feet on barnacles.
Went onto my Facebook fan page and saw a message from one of the parents with this photo attached. I have never had a problem saying goodbyes to people, but saying good bye to my kids at graduation, especially this one (Eugene), was so hard and this photo sums up so much of my experience. Thank you, Carlos Ko for finding me and sending me the photo.
Had the best time with @lancifermusic when he came to visit. We explored islands and pirate caves and I got to hear his songs live. Europe you better treat him nicely!
Day 3 of drawing. Not sure how I feel about this one. I keep feeling it’s finished, and then do more. #art #sketch #creativitymatters #progress
Pre graduation/crying makeup
My wallet was stollen today, luckily I bought this dress yesterday. Now I need to find an excuse to wear it.
Taught @garykapow how to edit today. Watch this space to see what we’ve done. Gary became of one my favourite people the instant we met, and inspires me constantly. I have no doubt in my mind that he will do the same to many when he launches his YouTube channel. I maaaayyyy be biased, but I recommend you follow him. That’s all. 💜💜💜
Day 7 of #bodyconfidenceweek2014: something you like about yourself as a person. I seem to have an ability to bring people together. I wasn’t aware of this, but 3 people have told me this in this weekend alone, and I realised that it’s been said to me many times before, but I’ve always chosen not to take notice. But I love bringing people together, whether it’s with #bodyconfidenceweek or with my videos on #YouTube. I love it. I’m so lucky that people believe in me, and the things that I do. Thank you so much to everyone for taking part this week. It’s been so great reading all your interesting stories and posts. You’re all amazing, unique and beautiful. #bodypositive #positiveliving #progress #ilikemybody #loveyourself #loveyourbody
Day 6 of #bodyconfidenceweek2014 : post a photo of yourself in beach/summer clothes. I usually only wear one piece swimsuits because I get self conscious about my body being so revealed…I decided to challenge myself and wear a bikini for this challenge. Erm, hello! Can anyone say bangers? #bodypositive #bodyconfidenceweek #didisuddenlyhitpuberty #ILikeMyBody #NoApologises #loveyourself #loveyourbody #effyourbeautystandards
#bodyconfidenceweek2014 day 5: a photo of someone you love and admire. I already said in my video why I love my mother, so I figured I’d choose someone different. This is my Auntie Ann. She was the first person to see me enter this world back in Germany 1991. Since that day she has been an inspiration in my life and a positive influence. She’s the woman who taught me about confidence, loving yourself. She’s the woman that has always been there with advice and guided me to be the best possible version of myself. She also taught me how to neck wine, so there’s also that. Part of the reason I love myself as a person, is because I see a lot of my Auntie Ann and her influence in me. My confidence, my weird and “don’t care if anyone’s watching” personality, and my ability to drink wine all comes from Auntie Ann and I love her. N.B. I am still a padawan when it comes to wine up against Annie Ann. The woman is master Jedi of red.
Hello Kitty Toms and Star Wars leggings. I am ready for life.
Day 4: of #bodyconfidenceweek2014 is to post an old picture of yourself and say why you like it. I like this picture because a) my hair is shiny as heck and b) because the girls in this picture were always embraced by the other. This photo was taken 10 years ago (bloody hell) and the girls in the picture are still friends. Mary was actually one of the people I spoke to about revamping #bodyconfidenceweek and I’m so glad she did. She writes amazing body confidence and #bodypositive blog posts, and so you should definitely follow her, for she has been an inspiration in my life for many years now, and will continue that way. 💜 you Mary, you’re a bloody corker! #embrace #tbt

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"Men’s Rights" activist and self-proclaimed philosopher Stefan Molyneux pretends to be a woman posting a positive comment on his own video “debunking” Frozen but completely fails at account switching

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