Hi, I'm Aly.

I'm that red head on the internet. I don't know how to tumbl. www.youtube.com/goalybongo

darth-manic said: you're an awesome beautiful women, so you know.

Cheers man! Have a great day! x

cacoethetic said: Hi I'm Zoe and you're pretty much my feminist hero. I kind of adore you.

Hi, I’m Aly, and I’m blushing from your message. Thank you! x

Anonymous said: You are beautiful, I wish I could meet you.

come to Honkers! We’ll grab some bubble tea! 

sanlon18 said: Can I just say thank you. I don't really know why, but your accent makes me feel at home. So thank you darling.

Hahaha, why thank you darling! x

Anonymous said: Do u ever reply to ur messages

Never. ;)

Anonymous said: I just want you to know I love ALL your youtube vids and I think you're super duper adorable and I hope you have a good day!!

The fact that you said the words “super duper” makes me love you so much more! <3 xx

three-green-aliens said: How did you feel after the popularity of the "i deserved to get raped"video? I thought it was great to get people talking about it but have you had any negative repercussions from it? Like trolls annoying you about it on twitter or something?

Actually, I have only had a few hate tweets, and it was shown on 4chan or some other troll website so comments are often hateful, but for the most part I don’t read the comments on that video. x

Anonymous said: How do you take your tea?

milk and 3 sugars…I’m a bitter old woman, and I need sweetening up. 

comfortablynumb-ed said: Hi Aly, I just watched a video you made about 5 months ago about when you were walking home and those guys followed you, and I just wanted to say thank you so so much. Thank you for believing the way you do, thank you for making the video, and thank you for feeling strongly about something and not hiding those feelings because people might put you down for them.

Hey thanks for watching! x

Anonymous said: I need help, I really like this girl but she doesn't even know I exist. How do I introduce myself without coming off as totally weird. She is really really cute and pretty and seems really cool and is into the same stuff as me.

Easy peasy, just start a conversation about the stuff you have in common…throw in a wee compliment about how cute you think she is. x

Anonymous said: Happy valentines day <3 #anonlove

Happy 24th August! <3 xx

Anonymous said: how gd do is your cantonese currently? also you may have already said but any particularly good site s to learn/improve canto

My canto is improving, but its taking a bit of a stint recently because I’ve moved to a new school where everyone speaks English really well…so it’s harder to pick it up naturally like that. I don’t use sites or anything to learn…I just talk to people I work with, mostly. 

Anonymous said: ngl but how can you go on those boats al the time? is it cheap in hk or do u have that rich friend or someone who has one

They’re usually about $400 per person, which is about £35, which I think is super good value for money. Food and drink all inclusive, and sailing from 10am-6pm around the islands and beaches :) 

waywardsoulsbeconme said: Cool are you taking a class or something? I got mine when I just started talking my classes. But I changed it recently. It's taǐ lì. My old name use to be 伊蜜亜. yí mí yǎ

Nah, I’m not taking classes, I’m just trying to talk to as many Chinese people as possible. :)

Anonymous said: Aly, I heard you were learning French! A great hip artist here in Europe is Stromae. All his songs are french and they're not that bad either! You learn a lot :) Let me know if you like him!

A few people have told me to listen to Stromae, he’s cool as heck! Love ittttt! Thanks for letting me know :D x